Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Part Two: Rosie the Riveter

Of course, I couldn't resist a little photoshopping.

Jumpsuit: vintage. Belt: Kohl's. Headband: diy. Boots: spare closet at my house.

Did I mention in my last post how much I love Halloween?  Because I really do love it, and I really love this costume.  I decided right after Halloween last year that I wanted to be Rosie the Riveter this year, and I kept that in the back of my mind every time I was out shopping.  I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to use for the costume, but I figured I had enough time that at some point, I would see it and just know.

That point came over the summer, when a friend and I were browsing through a local vintage store and this lovely blue number called out to me.  I snagged it for a mere $14 dollars and stashed it away for Halloween.  

All I had to do to make it costume ready was cut off the long sleeves and roll them into a cuff, and add a belt to pull in some of the extra bulk of the jumpsuit.  The headband was just a quick diy with a little fabric from the craft store.  This is probably one of my favorite costumes that I've made; I think I got a lot of bang for my buck, too.

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Part One: Sundrop Girl

*Update: I've written a post about how to DIY this costume!  Click here to check it out*

I want to start by saying that Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I love any excuse to dress up in a costume and be someone else.  Therefore, I go all out for Halloween, and this year, I had two different costumes.  This post just covers the first of my two costumes, but before I jump to the pictures, I've got to show this video first.  This commercial was the basis for my costume, so without the video, the costume doesn't really make sense.  So if you haven't seen it yet, here it is, and if you have, watch it again because it's so funny!

Here is my version of the Sundrop Girl that I wore to a Halloween party:

Shirt & headband: Craft store diy. Shorts: Old Navy via thrift/diy. Leggings: Walmart. Leg warmers: Target/diy. Shoes. Payless.

This costume took a lot of diy work, but none of it took too long.  I was originally going to order a Sundrop shirt from the website, but it was more money than I was willing to spend, so I made a run to the craft store to make my own.  A plain t-shirt, a pack of transfer sheets, and a dark green fabric pen later, and I had my very own Sundrop shirt for a fraction of the cost. I also couldn't find red leg warmers anywhere, so I bought a pair of white socks, dyed them red (it ended up more pink, but I don't mind), cut the toes off, and wore them over another pair of leg warmers I already had. The headband is just a piece of red ribbon glued with tacky glue in the back.

I am so happy with how this turned out, and I feel a sense of pride that I made a lot of it myself.  I'm also happy to report that no one else at the party had the same costume as me.

*Update: I've written a post about how to DIY this costume!  Click here to check it out* 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Cardigan: New York & Co via thrift. Dress: Chinatown in NYC. Scarf (worn as belt): thrifted. Tights: Target. Sunglasses: gifted.
Shoes: I've had them so long I don't remember where I got them.

Here it is, my "I'm going to wear bright colors and no black today" outfit from yesterday.  This is also the first time I've tried anything resembling color blocking, and I'm pretty happy with how this outfit turned out.  Though I do wish the weather would stop being bipolar because I really wanted to tie the scarf over the cardigan, but the afternoon was way too warm for leaving the sweater on.  

Speaking of the scarf, I'm pretty much in love with it.  It's 100% silk, and I got it at Goodwill for something insane like 89 cents.  There are so many ways to wear a scarf like this, too.  I'm pretty sure i'll get my 89 cents worth.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Being Green

Blazer, romper, sunglasses: H&M. Tights: Target. Shoes: Payless.

It never fails that when I wear these green tights, people make comments.  Actually, they're more like references.  To other green things.  Like the Wicked Witch of the West.  And Kermit the Frog (did you get the reference in the title?)  I always prepare myself for such comments, though, so I really don't mind.  As a matter of fact, I think these tights are great.  Olive green goes with so much that it has pretty much been elevated to the status of a neutral.  And what is there not to love about a nice pair of neutral tights?

I've realized that for the past few days, I've been wearing a lot of black.  I don't know why I've been so attracted to the dark sections of my closet lately, but I think it's about time to plan an outfit without any black.  Tomorrow, I will wear something colorful, and now that I've made that statement on the internet, I'll be held accountable if I don't do it.  

I see you, internet, taking things to the next level.  Challenge excepted.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Casual Monday

Jacket: Old Navy. V-neck tee, sunglasses, belt: Walmart. Jeans: Target. Necklace: JCPenney. Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

I've never really understood the concept of "casual Friday."  To me, Fridays are the best day of the week.  They're the start of the weekend, the gateway to a little bit of free time and extra sleep.  Plus, I don't have class 'til 2pm on Fridays.  Friday is my favorite day to dress up.

Mondays are a whole different story.

Everyone knows Mondays are awful.  They are a terrible way to spend 1/7th of life, which is why I often observe "casual Monday."  Easing into the week in a super soft basic tee and comfy jeans makes Monday a little bit better, and a better Monday means a better week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunshiny Day

Blazer, Skirt: Thrifted. Black Tee: Walmart. Belt: handed down from mom. Sunglasses: H&M. Shoes: Target.

Friday was an absolutely beautiful day: cool, dry, and sunny.  It was just cool enough that I wanted to cover my arms, but not cold enough to cover my legs, so vuala!  Blazer and skirt.  There is an equation that I think sums up this outfit pretty well: Sunshine yellow + floral = pure happiness.  A number of people told me that just looking at my blazer made them happy.  Now try wearing it.  Yeah, that's a lot of happy.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Shirt, belt, skirt: Thrifted. Jacket: Forever 21 via Plato's Closet. Sunglasses: Forever 21. Scarf: H&M. Shoes: Payless

This is it.  After contemplating for a good, long while, I've finally taken the plunge: I've started a blog.  Wish me luck. 

There is just something about wearing a long, flowy skirt on a windy day.  I just love how the material flies around when the wind blows.  Plus, it's finally cooled off and started feeling like fall.  2 days ago, it was 80 degrees, and today I wore a scarf and a jacket.  I could not be happier about this.

Also, I would just like to say that my outfits aren't usually composed almost entirely out of thrifted items; these just all happened to work together.  Though I am honestly addicted to thrifting.  I crave thrift store trips on a regular basis.  It's just so rewarding to find something amazing and unique after searching through racks and racks of ugly sweaters and floor-length denim jumpers.  You just don't get that satisfaction at the mall.