Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Part One: Sundrop Girl

*Update: I've written a post about how to DIY this costume!  Click here to check it out*

I want to start by saying that Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  I love any excuse to dress up in a costume and be someone else.  Therefore, I go all out for Halloween, and this year, I had two different costumes.  This post just covers the first of my two costumes, but before I jump to the pictures, I've got to show this video first.  This commercial was the basis for my costume, so without the video, the costume doesn't really make sense.  So if you haven't seen it yet, here it is, and if you have, watch it again because it's so funny!

Here is my version of the Sundrop Girl that I wore to a Halloween party:

Shirt & headband: Craft store diy. Shorts: Old Navy via thrift/diy. Leggings: Walmart. Leg warmers: Target/diy. Shoes. Payless.

This costume took a lot of diy work, but none of it took too long.  I was originally going to order a Sundrop shirt from the website, but it was more money than I was willing to spend, so I made a run to the craft store to make my own.  A plain t-shirt, a pack of transfer sheets, and a dark green fabric pen later, and I had my very own Sundrop shirt for a fraction of the cost. I also couldn't find red leg warmers anywhere, so I bought a pair of white socks, dyed them red (it ended up more pink, but I don't mind), cut the toes off, and wore them over another pair of leg warmers I already had. The headband is just a piece of red ribbon glued with tacky glue in the back.

I am so happy with how this turned out, and I feel a sense of pride that I made a lot of it myself.  I'm also happy to report that no one else at the party had the same costume as me.

*Update: I've written a post about how to DIY this costume!  Click here to check it out* 


  1. OMG, you did awesome....Now did you break it down like she does in the commercial? Happy Halloween sweetie!

  2. I tried, but she has much better moves then me! haha

  3. Thank
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