Well hi, there!  I'm Katherine and this is my blog.

Though I'm currently in school to become an architect, fashion is my biggest hobby.  I spend a lot (read: the majority) of my spare time reading fashion blogs, planning outfits, and online window shopping.  My major is extremely time consuming, requiring anywhere from 40 to 60 hours of work outside of class each week and I put in a lot of late nights.  Getting up every morning and putting together an outfit that I love and feel great in is my way of staying sane in my crazy day-to-day life.  

My style is one part girly, one part vintage-chic, one part eclectic, one part dressy-casual, and a dash of just about everything else.  It's constantly changing based on my mood, new inspiration, and new thrift store finds. 

I've decided to jump into the big, scary world of fashion blogging to share my love of fashion with others and as a way for me to continue to develop my own personal style.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at fashionforsanity@gmail.com .   Thanks for visiting!

Also, my lovely photos, unless otherwise noted,  are taken by the amazing Amber, who is such a wonderful friend for volunteering to take on this blog with me.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog today! It's great! We definitely share fashion as a source of sanity! I'm a super over-committed business student, so I empathize. Keep up the wonderful blogging work!


  2. I came across your blog and you seem amazing! I'm pretty new at blogging too. And I'm an engineering major, which is hard, but my friends who share the same major as you are ten times busier! I feel like they are in the studio ALL day. Hope you stop by my blog!

    A Southern Drawl