Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reader Request - SunDrop Girl DIY How-to

Hey everyone!  I've got a little bit of a different post today.  As Halloween approaches, the views of my SunDrop girl costume post have been through the roof, and I've gotten a number or inquiries asking me to go into a little more detail about how I made my costume, specifically the shirt.

DIYing this shirt was insanely simple and I was so happy with how it turned out.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures while I was actually making the shirt, but I'll at least detail out the process step-by-step so you can hopefully get the idea.

1. Start with a run to your local craft or fabric store.  You're going to need a plain green tee shirt and transfer paper.  What is transfer paper?  It's basically paper that allows you to print out a design from your computer and iron it on to your shirt.  I used Purple Chimp brand transfer sheets, specifically a variety called "Marker and Crayon" (you can draw on them yourself or print from your computer).  These worked wonderfully for me, but there are lots of brands available if you can't find Purple Chimp.  Just be absolutely sure that you can print onto the transfer sheets from your ink jet printer. 

2.  Now you would need to find a high-quality image of the SunDrop logo, but I've done the hard work for you: clicky-click here!  Save that image to your computer.

3.  Get a feel for how big you want the logo to be and where you want it on your shirt.  Print out a test print on a sheet of plain printer paper and test it on your shirt.  Adjust the size as needed.

4.  When you're happy with the logo, follow the directions that come with the transfer paper for loading the paper and printing.  Now print that sucker out!

5.  Any brand of transfer paper you get is going to come with detailed instructions.  Make sure you read and follow those instructions carefully.  This will involve cutting out the picture and ironing it on to the shirt.  In the case of my logo, I cut away all of the white space around the logo and also cut out the little flying droplets separately.  When it came time to iron, I just placed those droplets along with the rest of the design and ironed them all on together.

6.  If you followed the instructions properly, you should end up with a perfectly transferred design.  Yay!  I went one step further with my shirt and added the dark green around the neck.  I did this with a green fabric pen, also from the craft store.  I was going to do the sleeves as well, but it took a long time to do the neck and I ran out of patience.  

7.  Finish off your costume with leggings, denim shorts, leg warmers, and a red headband.  

8.  Go out there and rock that costume, and don't forget to show everyone how you drop it!

I hope all of this was clear.  It really is just a matter of buying a pack of transfer papers and following the directions.  Super easy.  Have questions?  Did try out this DIY?  Do you love your SunDrop costume?  Leave me a comment!  Good luck and enjoy! 

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