Monday, November 12, 2012

Revisiting the Skants

Shirt: Walmart. Pants: thrifted. Shoes: Report via Ross. Watch: Target. Belt: vintage.

I'm all about getting as many wears as possible out of my clothes, so I'm always happy when I discover that I can wear a piece in a different or unexpected way.  These pants are actually the "skants" that I was challenged to wear way back in March.  I hadn't worn them again mainly because I felt like they were difficult to style and stood out just a little too much to be worn any 'ole day.  However, I felt bad that they were just sitting in my closet not getting any use, so I pulled them out for a second look.

After a few minutes of trying again to style them as is, I realized that I could tweak them a little: I flipped the chiffon panels into the pant legs.  This left me with a great pair of simple, wide legged black trousers.  I'm so excited that I've found a second way to wear these so they don't have to sit in my closet waiting for a day when I'm feeling extra quirky.  Two pants in one is definitely a win-win.

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