Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Hair, Bigger Sleeves: 80's Prom


Dress: vintage, rented. Shoes: Payless (here).

As I mentioned yesterday, over the weekend, my architecture school hosted a "Back to Prom" themed event.  The theme was open to interpretation, so rather than just re-wearing one of my old prom dresses, I decided to have a little fun with the theme and went all out 80's.  I scoured no fewer than 7 thrift stores (I started to lose track) and had no luck finding a suitable 80's dress.  I see them at thrift stores all the time, but, of course, as soon as I need one, they are no where to be found. 

I decided to branch out my search to vintage stores, which I had originally not wanted to do because I was sure I was going to pay way more.  However, I ended up finding this amazing little vintage store in my area that specializes in more costume-y pieces and that does rentals!  So for $18, I got to call this amazingly over the top piece mine for the night, and didn't have to worry about storing a dress I would probably never wear again.  Everything worked out perfectly, because I'm sure there is no way I would have been able to find something so fabulous at the thrift store.  I mean, head to toe sequins, poofy sleeves, beading, hot pink?  Crazy 80's perfection.

Only thing that was a bummer about the night was that my hair didn't stay very big.  I wish I had a good picture of it from right after I finished it.  It was huge.

Here I am with my partner in crime and the other half of this blog, Amber, my wonderful photographer!  She agreed to step out from behind the camera just long enough to snap a pic together (and dance the night away, of course).

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  1. You looked great! Way to rock the 80's sequins trend! (: