Monday, April 30, 2012

Surviving and Celebrating

Jacket, shirt: thrifted. Skirt: Macy's. Boots: Urban Outfitters (similar here). Watch: Target (here).

I'm back!  And I survived my final review in my architectural studio class, thank goodness.  I'm glad to finally be back to posting because I've missed the blog a bunch!  Posting here is my daily break from school and architecture work, and I was going crazy without time to blog.  I did, however, continue to get dressed everyday, so I've got plenty of outfits to share in the days ahead.

I spent this weekend recovering from review by sleeping until 2 in the afternoon and doing some celebratory thrifting.  Amber and I went to our favorite local thrift stores and went kind of crazy.  We grabbed anything that looked even remotely promising and filled our carts to overflowing.  I couldn't resist snapping a picture because we looked so ridiculous. 

That's my cart on the left, and Amber's on the right.

Of course, after taking an hour to try all of that on, we narrowed our choices down, but still left with full bags of clothes.  What better way to celebrate still being alive after final review than treating yourself to boatloads of awesome clothes?

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  1. Love that green ginham with the floral skirt. So pretty. Your cart looks like mine. It's a real workout getting all that sfuff on and off, huh? haha