Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Retro

Top, shorts: vintage. Scarf, watch: thrifted. Sunglasses: Chinatown. Shoes: ?? Rings: snake: Charlotte Russe. knot: DIYed.

I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to dress as if I just stepped off a time machine from the 1940's, but I did it.  I actually really like this outfit, and it makes me wish that I were one of those girls who dressed in vintage everyday.

I did get some interesting comments from my peers regarding this ensemble, especially the headscarf.  I see headscarves around the fashion blogosphere so often that they have become common place for me, but it seemed that my classmates were a bit perplexed by the accessory.  Most of the comments I got had something to do with Rosie the Riveter, to which I replied 'been there, done that.'  

Now, I really feel the need to bring the headscarf into the lives of my unfortunately under-accessorized peers, so I will definitely be bringing out some more of my thrifted and vintages scarves to bring some added interest to a a basic high bun.

This past weekend, my school hosted a conference that gathered together all of the other architectures schools in the South East which culminated in a "Back to the Prom" themed event.  I took the theme to what I considered the most fun extreme: 80's prom.  (If you are a fan of my Facebook page, then you got a sneak preview of my 80's hair.  If you aren't a fan, you're missing out!)  Tomorrow, I'll be posting pictures of my amazing dress.  If you thought my hair was big, just wait until you see the sleeves!

Happy Monday (or at least what's left of it!)

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  1. Such a great outfit, love the red and navy together! x