Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Shirt: TJMaxx. Shorts: thrifted and DIYed. Tights, boots: thrifted. Ring: Forever 21. 

I feel a little 90's grunge today; more so than the last time I said that.

So funny story about these tights:  I've always thought that sweater tights were pretty neat and seemed like a good alternative to my well-loved and worn opaque tights, but had never bought a pair until I found a pile of them in the thrift store recently.  I'm pretty sure they were brand new because there were so many of the same exact thing, but even so, I wasn't really up for trying on tights at the thrift store.  So I spent a few minutes going through the pile checking sizes and found that the tags were all marked 10.  At that moment, everything I may have known about the sizing of tights, and really of clothes in general, escaped my brain, and I decided that, since 10 falls within my usual thrifted size range (see interesting post by myedit on thrift store sizing), these would fit just fine.  I snatched up a pair and threw them in the wash.

Come to find out, there were 2 issues with these tights.  1) sweater tights have significantly less stretch than traditional tights and therefore are much less forgiving in sizing and 2) they were actually a children's size 10, which I deduced from the fact that the crotch only came up to about my mid-thigh.

However, I was determined to not let the 49 cents I paid for these drop-crotch suckers go to waste, therefore, I threw on some denim cutoffs to hold the tights up to about where they should be. Boom, problem solved.

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