Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cable Knit and Flannel

Shirt: Old Navy via thrift. Cardigan, belt, bag: thrifted. Pants: Gap. Boots: Target. Sunglasses: Forever 21.

Today was absolutely beautiful, sunny and cool.  The temperature was just right for a cozy plaid flannel shirt (one of my new favorites) with an oversized chunky cable knit cardi layered on for the cooler spells in the morning and evening.  

Lately my hair has been really stubborn about holding a decent looking curl, but I finally figured out a way to get some wavy texture going, with my straightener of all things.  I'm definitely loving the change from my usual straight style; I'm going to work on getting out of the hair rut that I'm in and really put to use my Pinterest board of hair inspiration.


  1. What a cute and casual outfit! Love it!

    Steph and Amber

  2. Love this look - you can never go wrong with a plaid shirt and some boots - so cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray