Thursday, October 18, 2012


Shirt: Old Navy via thrift. Skirt, necklace: vintage. Shoes: thrifted. Sunglasses: Michael's Crafts. Watch: my grandpa's.

I've found that the transition time between summer and fall is very conflicting for me.  I want to jump wholeheartedly into fall fashions, and yet I'm not quite ready to give up a few of my favorite summer pieces.  This skirt is one said piece, but I felt like it could be fall appropriate paired with a flannel button down and my new favorite oxfords. 

Also, you can't tell, but I steamed that skirt before wearing it.  It was perfectly smooth.  Then I sat in class all day.  But, you know what, that's ok, because I don't live in a magazine ad.  This is real life here, people.  Wrinkles and all.


  1. *sigh* I understand that whole "I ironed it but then.." scenario. Happens to me a lot. Loving the flannel!

    P.S. We're having a link up, would love it if you joined!

  2. I'm always wrinkled in my photos. Seriously, always. It's not worth worrying about. I have a hard time with seasonal transitions too, but I think you did a great job. And I absolutely adore that necklace.