Monday, January 23, 2012

Check Mate

Shirt, shorts, jacket: thrifted. Tights, socks: Target. Belt: vintage via my mom. Boots: Urban Outfitters.

So I've noticed a bit of a trend with my rainy day styling.  I really love my blue trench coat, but I  can't seem to get out of the black and white styling rut.  I even mentioned it the last time I wore the coat, but that didn't stop me from doing it once again.  How about a little side by side comparison:

Aaaaannnnnddddd now I feel really unoriginal.  Alright, new fashion challenge: wear my blue trench with something colored!

The buffalo check shirt I wore here caught my eye at the thrift store but was a few sizes too big.  However, I had been wanting a black and white check shirt for a while so I went ahead and bought it despite the size.  I had a different button down shirt that was also too big, so I hopped on the sewing machine and took them in.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a tutorial on taking in side seams; it's super easy and only requires the most basic sewing skills.  Check back tomorrow for the how-to!

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