Friday, May 25, 2012

On Rain, Sunshine, and a Castle

Shirt: H&M via thrift. Jeans: Old Navy. Belt: vintage. Shoes: Target (here). Scarf: street vender in NYC. Earrings: Mark (old). 

This is what I wore to stroll around the beautiful city of Salzburg.  Checking the weather before leaving the States, I saw that there was supposed to be a lot of rain in the region, so I ran out to buy some small, packable rain boots.  The weather for this day was supposedly supposed to be a 70% chance of rain all day, so I went ahead and wore my boots.  And not a drop of ran fell.  It was sunny all day.  I felt kind of dumb walking around in the sunshine wearing rain boots.  The weather has called for rain every single day of the trip thus far, and it has only rained once, and only for a half an hour.  We've been so lucky.  So actually, I'd rather the weather be wrong and end up wearing boots in the sun rather than actually needing them.

 These pictures were taken in the courtyard of this castle:

That's right, castle.  This is the Hohensalzburg Castle, one of the largest medieval castles in Europe.  We took a cool sky tram up the side of the mountain (you can see it on the far right) and then wandered around inside the complex for a good few hours.  The place is even bigger than it looks.  The views of Salzburg from up there were amazing:

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  1. I love the accessories for this chic outfit in Europe. Hope you're having fun!

    A Southern Drawl