Monday, May 28, 2012

Back in Time

Shirt: thrifted. Shorts: American Eagle via thrift (similar here). Belt, sunglasses: Walmart. Shoes: Eva and Zoe via Off Broadway Shoes. Watch: Target.

I haven't had a chance to snap outfit photos here in Europe the past couple days, so I figured I'd post an outfit that I've got backlogged.  I wore this one towards the very end of the school year, and all I remember about that day was that it was during a crazy hot spell.  Also, Amber told me she couldn't remember seeing me in 'normal' denim shorts, i.e. not the high waisted variety that love so much.  However, just because my photographer doesn't remember it doesn't mean it hasn't happened.


  1. I love this shirt, especially since it's thrifted. I sometimes forget certain outfits too :(, except I guess, I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum since I should be remembering them...

    A Southern Drawl

  2. Great outfit all round, especially love the shoes! xx