Monday, August 20, 2012

Naturally Orange

Dress: TJMaxx. Shoes: Payless (here). Clutch: gifted.

I wore this to an art exhibition that one of my friends was a part of.  The gallery is housed in a beautiful refurbished church, which made for a nice backdrop for photos.  I've had this little black dress in my closet for two years and have never had a good occasion to wear it; I wish I had more fancy events to attend.  The clutch was a birthday gift from a wonderful friend and I absolutely love it.  I liked it paired with this dress because I felt like the kind of natural vibe from the tan beads gave just the right bit of casual flair to keep the ensemble from being too dressy.

On a side note, the lovely shade of orange that I am is indeed au natural.  I had just been at the beach for two days, so this is the product of my skin and the sun, plus sunscreen.  No spray tan or tanning booths for this girl.  I must have an oompa loompa somewhere in my family tree.

Today is also my 16th first day of school.  Here's hoping for another great year.


  1. The backdrop is so lovely, especially since the grass is so green - not much green green grass around here! I also wish I had more fancy events to attend! The dress is great!

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  2. Me again! I really like your blog so I have named you for a Liebster Award!

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