Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Skants

A few weeks ago, my blogtographer Amber came to me with a proposal for a challenge of sorts.  She decided that it would be fun to pick an item from the thrift store that is a little, shall we say, unique, and have me style it and wear it for a day.  I decided that this could potentially be fun, so I agreed.  

The first item that she picked out for me is extremely interesting: black chiffon skants, pants that look like a skirt.  Pretty much, they're a pair of wide-legged pants with four panels of chiffon encasing them, giving the look of a flowing maxi skirt.  Kind of 90's maybe, yet kind of cool in a "you don't see this very often" sort of way. 

So without further ado, the skants.

Here you can actually see the pants.

Skants, shirt, blazer: thrifted. Shoes, watch, purse: Target. Necklace: Forever 21.

This was actually a really fun outfit to wear because the movement of the chiffon panels is incredible.  Since spring is fast approaching, I paired the skants with spring's it color, mint.  I also loved the mixture of textures created by using a silk blouse with the chiffon bottoms.  

As far as the challenge goes, these skants were harder to style than I expected.  Getting the textures to balance out just right was the hardest part.  If I were to go back and style these again a different way, I would probably do a denim top for a more casual feel. 

I'm really excited to see what interesting pieces Amber is going to pick out for future Style Challenges.  I'm hoping for something with an insane amount of sequins, but we'll just have to see. 


  1. I just wore "skants" the other day. I like your word for them. :) I actually really enjoy those pants. I think they are fun and unique and definitely a 90's throwback. I love your styling with them! <3