Friday, November 18, 2011

Caught off Guard

Top: thrifted. Jeans: Target. Blazer: H&M. Shoes: Payless. Watch: my Grandpa's. Ring: Charlotte Russe.

There's a funny story behind this blouse.  I found it in a thrift store in my hometown a while back and really liked the wrap design of it because I hadn't really seen anything like it before. If I had to guess when this blouse had it's original hay day, I'd have to say the late 80's or early 90's, based on the colors, print, and gigantic shoulder pads that I cut out of it.  

When I took everything up to the register to pay, the lady ringing me up took everything off the hangers one by one and said nothing until she got to this shirt.  She paused, looked at me, looked back at the shirt and its shoulder pads, and said "This isn't for you, is it?"  I was caught off guard by that question and quickly tried to form a response.  All I could manage to say was "I like to change things up a bit before I wear them."

2 quick snips later, and I've had a perfectly wearable (at least in my opinion) top.  I think the 80 year old woman who must have owned this before me would have her heart warmed to know that it is still well loved.


  1. i just fell in love with your watch :) and good job with the blouse ;)
    xoxo, saskia

  2. Look at these sunny, fall photos! LOVEEE IT. And your top is really cahhuuttteee; Love the style! You're adorableee.