Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Colors

Shirt: Charlotte Russe. Pants: Gap. Jacket: Forever 21 via Plato's Closet. Belt: thrifted. Shoes: Eva & Zoe via Off Broadway Shoes.

The weather started feeling like fall today, so as promised, I'm wearing fall colors.  I always feel like, even though it's a light material, this shirt is just made for fall.  The oranges and burgundies and taupes just scream "it's autumn!"  Maybe that whole description was a little redundant, but I think you get the idea.  Yay fall!

These pants are one of the few (possibly the only?) items of clothing I own from Gap.  It's not because Gap isn't great, because it is, but on my college student budget, a lot of it is out of my reach.  I did, however, go into Gap during the huge sale they had during the summer where there was something like an extra 50% off of clearance items.  Everything was really picked over, except I magically stumbled upon this lone pair of pants that just happened to be my size and also happened to be $5.  Oh how I love sales.


  1. You look amazing!!! and I really like your shoes, are gorgeous! :)
    Love them!

  2. Such a cute outfit! Dressing for fall is the best- no need to layer on the clothes, and the colors are incredible!


  3. i found your blog through IFB, and just wanted to let you know i'm following now! if you have a minute, i'd love for you to visit mine! and also, i love your shoes :)