Monday, November 7, 2011

Florals in the Fall

Top, belt, shoes: Walmart. Jeans: Express via thrift. Sunglasses: Forever 21.

I don't usually thrift jeans mainly because I already have plenty of them, so I tend to just avoid the jean rack at the thrift store.  However, my favorite thrift store back in my hometown has all of the pants mixed in together, so while perusing for slacks, I came across these jeans.  There was just something about the wash, combined with just the right amount of stretch, that made me have to have them.  They are so comfortable, and I love the fit.

As for the rest of my outfit, no, this post is not sponsored by Walmart.  However, I am a firm believer that the retail giant does have some decent stuff as long as you are willing to look. It's a lot like thrifting in that aspect, except a little easier to find your size.

Happy Monday!  Hope everybody's had a good start to the week!

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