Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Shirt: Belk. Jeans: Old Navy. Blazer: TJMaxx. Shoes: Report via Ross. Watch: XOXO via Burlington Coat Factory. Belt: Walmart.

This weekend was pretty eventful for me: it started with an all-day shopping trip and progressed into me being sick for 2 days.  I spent yesterday curled up on my couch in my pajamas watching sitcoms from the early 2000's (hence no outfit post).  I am feeling much better today, enough so to go for a frolic in the leaves.

On Saturday, my mom came down to visit and to have a mother-daughter shopping trip, which was awesome.  My birthday is in a month, so I was able to pick out some early birthday presents, including the watch I'm wearing today.  It came in a set of two, so I have one with a white band, also.  My mom tried to hold them hostage until my actual birthday, but I pleaded with her and got to keep them.  I did, however, not get to hang on to an amazing cape that I also picked out; I have to act surprised when I get it for my birthday.   

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