Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birthday Suit

Dress: TJMaxx. Cardigan: Macy's. Tights, shoes: Target.

The title of this post is somewhat deceiving because I am not wearing my actual birthday suit, but today is my birthday, and this is what I wore.

Actually, that isn't entirely true.  I wore this yesterday, but I also pretty much celebrated my birthday yesterday for two reasons.  Reason one:  Today was "reading day" at my school, which is the day between the end of classes and the start of exams.  Because there was no class today, there was no one to see a cute outfit had I decided to wear one, so I wore it to class yesterday.  Reason two: I have a math exam at 8am tomorrow morning, so yesterday was a much better day/night to have friends over to celebrate.  Today I sat around in a slouchy sweater and treated myself to some thrifting, and now I'm taking a break from studying for my exam.  I know, I know, I go hard for my birthday.

I also like to use my birthday (or in this case, my almost birthday) as an excuse to get super dressy.  I think it's prefectly reasonable to have a satorial celebration of one's exit from the womb.  And I really wanted to wear these shoes.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I looove getting dressed up on my birthday as well! This dress is adorable. The tulle detail under the skirt is perfect for a party!

    I hope your math exam went well!


  2. Thanks Melissa! The tulle is my favorite part; I love the flared shape it gives the dress.

    My math exam went really well; I ended up with an A in the class! I celebrated by having a few extra birthday sweets, guilt free. : )