Friday, December 30, 2011

Where Has the Time Gone?

Oh my goodness, where have the past 10 days gone?  I feel like I have so much catching up to do!  To start, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season!!  Hopefully you were able to spend time with loved ones, and perhaps you may have even gotten some sweet gifts (I got an amazing pair of boots that I can't wait to wear all the time!).  

I feel the need to explain my recent absence.  A little while back, I expected to be spending my winter break from school at home in my pajamas.  However, since things never really go as planned, a day or so after arriving home, I got a call from my employer.  I worked at a grocery store during high school, and the store is generous enough to allow college students to come back to work during breaks; however, I had planned to not call to get my job back and take the break to relax and such.  But, here was my manager, calling me up because he really needed help during the holiday rush.  I thought about still not going back to work, but then my mom reminded me of my thrifting addiction and how I could really use some more money before I go broke, and I caved.  So for the past 2 weeks, I haven't had much to post considering I've been wearing the same work uniform every day.

The good news is, I have my last week of break off from work, so might actually have the time and energy to put on real clothes and go places.  What a concept!  I still have some DIY projects that I'm dying to get to before going back to school, so more posts to come.  

I hope you will except my forgiveness in the wake of my neglect.  Also, please enjoy this picture of me torturing demonstrating my love for one of my cats, Moxie, via gifting her with a new festive collar.

She's really not as angry as she looks, I promise.


  1. um YOUR DRESS IN THE POST BELOW IS AMAZIINGGG. I hope you came to the conclusion of BUYING IT. It's amazing. AMAZING.

    And eeek. Your kitty is sew adorbz and i'm not even a cat person, WHATTT! Loveee it!

    And hahahh OH MY GOSH. Thank you for your comment! I've had a stupendous day, but that was totally a cherry on top. This actually happens to me all the time; people are like, "so, I was at Value Village and I saw the UGLIEST THING. I thought of you." Hahah. LOVE. Thanks for sharing, Katherine. (We can totez be on name-to-name basis)

    Happy new year!
    Lexy :)

  2. awwww! so sweet :)