Monday, December 5, 2011

Very Berry

Dress: Charlotte Russe. Jacket: Old Navy. Tights: Kmart. Boots: thrifted, brand new. Sunglasses: H&M.

I'm back!  My Architectural Studio final was this past week, and I had time for absolutely nothing that wasn't architecture, hence my absence.  However, now that the final is out of the way, I have more time for everything else, thank goodness!  I must say, it feels really nice to do things that I don't usually get to, like sleeping for extended periods of time.

The pictures of this outfit are actually kind of deceiving because these tights are definitely not as bright as they look.  They are actually less hot pink and more rich raspberry.  Also, this is another dress that is great for spinning in.  I can't help it that I'm actually a five year old at heart.

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