Friday, December 16, 2011

Exam Week, Packing, and Vintage Purse Love

Well hello, there.  Look, I'm alive!  I survived the dreaded exam week, and it actually wasn't that bad.  Being an architecture major, the majority of stress is during final review, which is always a ways before exam week.  So really, I didn't have a very stressful week at all.  But now I have to come up with an excuse for going almost a week without a post.

To be honest, it's really just because I didn't really ever get fully dressed at all (and I don't mean that I forgot to put on pants.  That would be embarrassing).  When the only thing I had to do for the day was go to take an early morning exam, I pretty much just rolled out of bed, slipped on some comfy jeans and a t-shirt (not the chic kind, unfortunately), threw my hair in a pony tail and went on my merry way.  Then as soon as the exam was over, I came home and went back to bed.  Oh the life of a college student. 

Now that my semester is over, I get a whole new challenge in packing for winter break.  I'm having to resist bringing my whole wardrobe home with me, despite the fact that there is no way I could even wear everything in my closet in the 3 weeks I'm going to be away from school.  But I'm bad about saying "you never know," like "you never know, I might, out of nowhere, be invite to a different holiday party every night" or "you never know, I might be hanging out with friends every single day that I'm home."  Though, the truth is, I'm probably going to sit around in my PJs for the majority of break.  

However, do not fret, I have a list of DIY projects that I'm planning to attempt while home that will be good fodder for the blog on the days where I'm not quite as presentable as usual.  So hopefully no more lulls like this past week's snoozefest.  

Alright, now if you were brave enough to stick around through all that rambling (lots of text, no pictures, hope I didn't bore anyone to sleep), I have a treat: pictures!

I thrifted this purse last week and I've been dying to share it here.  It is vintage Ralph Lauren Polo and I got it for $3.50.  There's a cool little story behind it, too, if you can stand to read any more.  I took my lovely blog-tographer Amber thrifting with me to help me find a dress for my Jane costume and to hopefully get her as crazy addicted to thrifting as I am.  At one point, I glanced over at the rack of purses from afar and this one immediately caught my eye.  I told Amber that I saw one I liked and challenged her to go pick it out.  Since she takes my outfit pictures everyday, she's got a pretty good feel for my style, but I was still surprised when she managed to grab it on the first try.  Anyway, as soon as I got a closer look at it I decided that there was no way I was leaving the store without it.  It was love at first sight with this one.

Wow I probably could have spilt this into 3 separate posts, so I'm going to stop rambling now.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. This bag is BEAUTIFUL! What a great find!
    JS xx