Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Prom Bomb Potential?

Hello, lovely readers.  Today, I have a bit of a different post: a question.  A dilemma of sorts.  Yesterday, during a trip to the thrift store, I stumbled upon an interesting dress.
Here it is in all its 1980's prom bomb glory.  

Sorry for the terrible quality of the picture.  I don't usually take pictures with my phone because of that, but it's all I had with me, and this dress had to be documented. (One day, I will own you, iPhone, and we will take decent looking pictures together.)

What really caught my eye with this dress was the peplum skirt.  I have been absolutely in love with peplums since I first laid eyes on one years ago, but have yet to find the perfect one to join my closet.  But this one, here, is amazing.  However, let's address those shoulders.  Yikes.  Never have I seen a garment so sleek from the waist down and so utterly poofy from the waist up (the bodice isn't so great either). 

I didn't even consider buying it at first, but after sleeping on it, I had a thought: what if I take this prom bomb to the tailors, let them chop it at the waist, and have a beautiful high-waisted peplum skirt made?  I'm seriously considering it.

What are your thoughts?  Should I go for it?  Have you ever seen potential in a seemingly ugly garment.  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

*UPDATE* Well, I decided to get the dress, but I guess someone else saw the potential, too, because it was no longer there.  It just goes to show how quickly good things get snagged at the thrift store.  So the quest for the perfect peplum continues.


  1. I think you should definitely go for it! That is such a creative idea...and you're right...the bottom of that dress is fabulous :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. This is one of those dresses where you are like, ok, it looks SO similar to stuff that's hitting runways right now, but can I seriously rock it? Cuz honestly, I am LOVVVVVING exaggerated shoulders right now. And hello... peplum, you are so right, totally haute. SO! I think you should go for it. SOMEONE fashionable should own this thing. I think if it was styled right, this dress could be a show-stopper, in a really good way :)